About Us

Saints Presbyterian Church is an English medium congregation that celebrated their 50th anniversary in October 2014.  There are currently 170 members on the roll with a strong sense of being a “family’ with visible affection amongst the members.  Our Sunday Service speaks of a reverence and a respectful approach to God, in all humility and faith.

The congregation owns beautiful, functional and desirable buildings and facilities – a sanctuary, hall, classrooms and an office block.  There is a Sunday School which runs at the same time at the church service.  The group of dedicated teachers have all attended the SANSSA training courses and follow the SANSSA curriculum which culminates in preparing the youth for Confirmation.


Saints has a Session of nine elders, a Pastoral Assistant, Stewardship Committee of Session that takes care of the temporal issues, a Choir and Worship Group and an active Ladies Group.  There are three Home Fellowship or Bible Study Groups that meet during the week and a Knitter Natter group that meets once a week at the church, knitting vest, jerseys and blankets as part of our outreach to those less fortunate than ourselves.  Once a month our Outreach Room provides a packet of groceries to the men on the street corners.

The Ladies Group organizes fellowship functions that take place during the year.

We have a Garden of Rememberance with access from outside the church grounds.  The Garden is divided into three sections and still has many available niches.


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